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Here is my final project video….

How To install a HD Tv with a Cable Reciever


For my final project, I will try to explain how to install an HDTV with an HD receiver.  I will also explain how to set up stereo speakers to that HD receiver.  I will try to make this different than any other installing guide because I will use a cartoon strip to explain the task. I still do not know if I want to use famous cartoon characters or just try to come up with my own characters.  I hope to get my message across in an understanding and entertaining way so that everyone who views this strip will get a fun helping hand.  Not many people know the correct way to install an HDTV so that they get the best possible picture.  Therefore, with this guide, I hope to answer all the questions that one might have about installing an HDTV.  I will also try to make a video, if possible, on how to properly connect all the cables to the television.  The video will include instructions for connecting the stereo speakers to the HD receiver as well.  If it is possible, I will also advise on where to buy all the cables needed for the setup.  Lastly, I will provide links to certain sites where one could find these cables for a decent price and I will give my input on which cables I believe are best for the job.  Hopefully, I will be able to do all of this for my final project.

This first link shows nutrition facts on Wendy’s burgers for a consumer who wants a quick overview of what they are consuming:

Link 1

This second link shows the same nutrition facts with some extra detail, allergens and an overall look at everything on their menu:

Link 2

These 3 videos are “How to” Videos for the basics to put all your favorite content from videos, DVDs, and music onto your Zune player. using the zune software it comes with and using Xilsoft Video Converter and DVD Ripper which could be found at the Xilisoft Site

This First Video Shows how to use the software Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert your favorite movies or videos  to Zune format:


This Second Video shows how to use the software Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 5 to rip your DVD to Zune Format


This Third Video shows how to use the Zune software to add music to your Zune Player


Technical writing comes in all forms. With more and more devices coming into the market every day, technical documents are being produced by manufactures and every day users. These documents are there for everyone to use and look through to help them navigate and use the new product they have purchased. There are many different types of things you can do with a Microsoft Zune. People everywhere want to get the most out of their investment and want to be able to use their product to its fullest potential. Helpful to use guides are available all over the web but only certain ones are professional technical writing documents.

link-1-using-zune3The first document I found was from the Zune website. The user manual is available to download via PDF file. This document is a basic manual with a little flair to it. Being able to access this document was quite simple for me. I was able to go to the manufacturer website,, and find the link under “Product Manuals” to find this document. Once I downloaded the file, I was able to view it using a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. The manual is 40 pages long, colorful and simple to view. It is mentioned on the first page how three new devices have been introduced into the Zune family. These were the 4 gig, 8 gig and 80 gig Zune players.

This manual has basic features and specifications of the product, such as the dimensions of the MP3 player and the size of the hard drive that the product could have. It also has pictures to show the user the different kinds of Zune players there are other than the one he or she purchased. This could be a selling technique Microsoft thought of in order to get consumers to keep buying Zune products if they like the diverse kinds of players that are out in the market. Next, the manual goes into controls. This shows how to use the touch pad that has been integrated into the new control scheme. After a few pictures, there is more information about another new feature – the wireless sync. This allows the Zune to connect and transfer information from the user’s PC to his or her Zune wirelessly. The manual first tells the consumer about all the features in the Zune, but does not show them how to use these features.

About half-way through the manual, there are step by step instructions on how to use all these features. The instructions are useful and easy to follow. The manual also informs about the connectivity of the Zune with the Xbox 360 and how music and videos on the Zune can be played on the 360. Overall, this manual seems like a good introduction to the Zune product. However, if one would want to get a full outlook about everything a Zune is capable of, this is not the technical document to use. There is not a guide on how to convert the consumer’s favorite TV shows or movies to the format the Zune is compatible with, nor are there helpful tips on using the Zune power management.

link-2-battery-tips1This is where I found the Zunerama guide very helpful. I was able to find this guide by Google search. Once I found this site:, I found the guide’s PDF file. I found a lot of useful information in this manual. It had a table of contents, which the other did not have, and had tips and tricks for using the Zune. This guide also had colorful pictures and links to advertise other websites which sell accessories for the product. One of the useful aspects of this guide was the number of tips it had on every other page. These tips are displayed in bright yellow font so the user reading this document would have a hard time not seeing them. Most tips are to inform the consumer of ways to get the most out of the device, such as battery saving techniques and troubleshooting questions about the Zune. There are also helpful tips on what to do if the consumer happens to lose all information in the player and how one would go about recovering the lost information.

Unfortunately, the guide does have some flaws. There is quite a lot of advertising in this guide for other products associated with the Zune, gift ideas for people to check out if they were buying this device for someone else and items to get themselves to protect their Zune. What I really liked about this document is its communication. The manual suggests to the consumer to connect with other Zune users, subscribe to their Rss feeds on Zune News and to check out the forums about Zune news and questions other users might have. This document is a helpful tool to refer to if one has questions and the website is a great place to communicate with other consumers with Zunes. This guide also gave credit to other programs that are able to help users convert videos in formats that the Zune accepts, which was nonexistent in the other guide. I believe this is an important issue with the Zune because it is a great video and MP3 player.

videos-1-pics1The last technical writing document I researched was not a document, but a few “how to” videos that were on the Zunenuze website. I found these videos by Google as well, and they are quite helpful. One has team members who worked on making the Zune device and software. The information shared by these individuals was informative and very useful. They explain the different features in the device and how to use it. The team also shows how to use the new features by performing them in the video and showing how easy the Zune is to use. The other videos describe the software that comes with the device and the great new features that have been added to it. These videos are helpful because they show how simple everything is to use. The website which these videos are on also has tons of information on the Zune and a blog roll of other links related to the Zune.

These are all great technical writing documents that I find very useful to Zune users. If one wants to enhance knowledge about this product, they should check these sites out. They just might learn something new.

I plan on doing my Mid-term project on How to use a Microsoft Zune: the mp3 player that is trying to compete with the ipod. I will go into detail on how to use its basic functions and how to put music,videos,podcast, and pictures on to the device. Links that show people how to use this device are:

Group 1

During the presentation of group 1 I felt that the visual layout of the wiki page was good. The page was straight forward and the pictures that linked to the pages were simple to navigate through. The focus of the group was good, they kept me interested in what they were presenting to the class. The contact with the audience was good, they all kept talking to the whole class so that everyone could hear what they were saying. Overall this presentation was good.

Group 2

The way group 2 presented the site digg was clear and straight to the point. The layout of the wiki page showed what the site was and how to find it if you are interested in it. the group was very clear about what the site was about. the focus of the group wasnt really on the audience but they were able to get their message across to the class.

Group 3

The layout of the presentation for group 3 was easy to follow and straight to the point. The clarity of the issues they were discussing were simple and easy to follow, Their focus was on the audience and had good contact with the class.

Group 4

The overall layout of the wiki was easy to navigate and use. The sites were easy to find and very helpfull. The focus of the presentation was mostly on the laptop and showing us the websites instead of presenting the sites to us as a group. The focus was good and they did contact with the audience when it came to the Q & A.

Group 5

The presentation that group 5 did was good, they got their message across to the whole class. The layout of the wiki page was really good. they were clear and straight to the point. the focus of the group was good, they did have some contact with the audience and overall the point was received well by the class.

Chapter 5

“New tools allow large groups to collaborate, by taking advantage of nonfinancial motivations and by allowing for wildly differing levels of contribution.”

Chapter 6

“The impulse to share important information is a basic one, but its manifestations have often been clunky.”

Chapter 7

“As more people adopt simple social tools. and as those tools allow increasingly rapid communication, the speed of group action also increases, and just as more is different, faster is different.”

I picked these quotes from Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody because I feel these describe how all of the new tools that the web has for use help people every day. With wikis and blogs, people are able to share thoughts and knowledge with everyone around the world. Also, it has become a lot easier to be heard by big companies or ” Big Brother” because of these tools that we have now. Everyone has a voice but now everyone also has a stage with which they can share their thoughts on, and that’s called the World Wide Web.

In chapter 3, Clay Shirky discusses how news is covered and how it has changed. He gave the example of how newspapers are taking a back seat to web blogging. He also stated that if news is hot one day, it might not be hot the next day. However, with certain stories, news can be covered for days. One example is the big Alex Rodriguez story that has shocked the world these past two weeks. According to the first story, A-Rod tested positive for steroids. That story was covered a good two days on the news, then came the story of A-Rod admitting to using the steroids. Even more story broke from the interview which he had with ESPN’s Peter Gammons. Then just today, another piece of the puzzle emerged.  Rodriguez spoke to the media for the first time since admitting to the substance abuse. This story could be found in multiple places, including MLB.Com and ESPN.Com since the web is an easy place to break news. News is almost always breaking, but with this A-Rod story the different views and opinions are expressed on a daily basis. This news has been shocking to everyone. Alex Rodriguez’s story has been a perfect example of how the media uses all these new tools of the web to its advantage.

With technology and software, it  is always important to keep up to date with what is coming out or what is on the horizon. ieXbeta is a blog that informs visitors about important updates to various programs like Firefox or Windows that are getting patch updates, new versions or even bugs that occour in the program. I believe we all as a class could learn from this blog to better our knowledge on some of the most important software out there on the market, or get tips on upcoming software. People also have conversations on the blog  forums about problems they have been dealing with or try to get help with bugs they have encountered using a software. I recommend everyone to check this blog out, you might learn a few tidbits.